Music Of Timothy Abbott

Austin, Texas

Timothy Abbott's many musical lives are; My Life Among The Cannibals;

 Big Duets From Austin, Texas;

 Arcana Mundi

 Argument Clinic  Music lives here.

Vocalist/ lyricist Timothy Abbott's original compositions stretch from 1983 till current day. Writing in rock, pop, country, folk, Americana, r&b, vocal jazz, and gospel veins, Abbott's music has been pushed thru his various musical vehicles like Up Periscope, Argument Clinic, The Figurados, Timothy Abbott & Arcana Mundi, Big Duets From Austin, Texas, 

and My Life Among The Cannibals. 

How Did We Get Here?

 Early music was playing in Iowa cover bands like Casino. My real musical life began when I moved to Austin, Texas. 

My first band I was in that played original music was Up Periscope. We were together from 1983- 1986. Members included Rob Hyman, John Ringland, Curtis Wright, Mark McMillan, Richard Gaines, Dave Sadowski. Live recordings exist none mixed, or mastered. No ISRC numbers. 

Argument Clinic followed that, we released "Live At Club A" on cassette {!} in 1988, and then a full length cd in 1994. Members include Bro Betts, Dennis Bruhn, Richard Woodson, Fred Mitchim, Tennyson Lemaster. Disbanded in 1995. 14 tracks on cd. 8 on cassette. 

The Figurados followed that effort, with Gregg Kirk as main co-writer . Releases in 2008, and 2010 [ "Lesson Two"], placed in 3 Austin Chronicle polls. Totals of 10 and 13 tracks.

Timothy Abbott & Arcana Mundi solo release produced by Matt Smith in 2012. 10 tracks.

Big Duets From Austin, Texas Vol 1 was released in 2014 with Mark Epstein producing. All -star Austin Texas cast. 16 overall tracks, including two hidden. 

 2018- My Life Among The Cannibals released 2 singles,"Lorena" and "I Ate A Mushroom", mixed by Stuart Sullivan, mastered by Steve Berson. 

 2019-  More music released. "If Heaven Aint Here" [a duet with Jan Seides],  "Black Poison", "Music Of Railroad Tracks", "Enchanted",  Co-writers include Jimmy George, Ed Kliman, mixed & mastered by Jimmy George.

 Big Duets From Austin, Texas Vol 2- singles by Jacqui Walker/ Courtney Santana "Wish Upon A Star" and "Grey Sky Day", duet with Denia Ridley. Mark Epstein mixed, mastered. 


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